Another thing a struggled with is to use an expression in a condition branching using global propberties.

I tried to concatenate the name of a global property by using other global properties.

e.g. “{Activity{CurrentActivityIndex}Task{CurrentTaskIndex}}” which leads to the condition: Is condition “{Activity{CurrentActivityIndex}Task{CurrentTaskIndex}}” == 1 Satisfied?

The global property Activity1Task2 exists because by using the Set Global Property Action the same notation works fine.

Unfortunately, ForeUi is not able to evaluate it or do I have to use some escaping or additional formating to indicate, that I’d evaluate a dynamically assembled global property?

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Hi Hans, as mentioned in this thread:…

The coming V3.0 will meet your requirement.


Hi ViVi


As far as I could figure it out, V3.0 is announced for May.

In my calender, it is May 17. today 😉 Do you know about release date?

  1. It should be in the last week on May, so it will be 28th - 31rd, May :-)

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