I’m evaluating ForeUI and had a general question. The attached image shows a console application (based on MMC, the Microsoft Management Console). I’m thinking it would be a good idea to create a console to use as a template, but other than using the Window widget as the base, the tree widget for the left navigation, and a list widget for the top center pane (Results pane), I’m not sure what widgets I would use for the bottom center pane (Details pane) or the right pane (Actions). Possibly another list view?

Very cool application! I’ve been using Fireworks for years now and ForeUI is much faster and more flexible (I think).

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Hi Gary,

I think you can use the Table element for the top center pane (Results pane) as it support multiple columns.

You can use several Text Label elements and a Line element to implement the bottom center pane (Details pane) .

As for the right pane (Actions), it can be a List element, or a Table element with single column, or several Images and Text Labels on a Rectangle…

You may find more ways to implement all these, just pick the one you like best.

  1. Thanks, Xavier. I think I see where this is going. I had a tendency to think of ForeUI as a sort of VIsualStudio for Designers, but VS requires that if you use a control, that it's a very specific control, whereas with ForeUI, you can pretty much do "whatever works." This should be fun! Thanks!

You could built the “Details” from a Tabs element, rectangles and TextBox-elements.

The “Actions” could be built from rectangles, TextBox elements and tables (with the calendar-icons in the first column).

  1. Thanks, Ulrich,
    As I mentioned in my comment to Xavier, ForeUI is much more flexible than I initially thought, because I was acquainting it, in my mind, to Visual Studio. So, I can use a rectangle just as I would in FireWorks rather than assuming that I needed to use a specific control-type for each area. Very cool! Thanks!

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