New element “Placeholder”.

Fixed Bug_0057: Text label is on incorrect location during simulation.

Fixed Bug_0058: The file “website_simulation.4ui” and “installer_simulation.4ui” can not be loaded in V1.25.

Fixed Bug_0059: Too many css files are used, it will meet problem when simulating in IE.

Fixed Bug_0061: The conditional loop is not really stopped when condition is not satisfied.

Fixed Bug_0062: The text label ignore the line break when simulating.

Latest Version can be downloaded in:

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i’m a new customer, would you recommend i install the latest version? I’ve had some difficulty and for some strange reason have not been able to get the app to launch.


Hi tommyello,

You can download the latest version from

You can choose the package to download according to your operating system. The latest version for now is V1.77:
For Windows:…
For Mac OS X:…
For Other System:…


Hi Xavier, i’ve download the latest version from, and used the version “ForeUI Installer for Windows V1.77”.

I think there is something about my XP version that is not allowing it to run. As a test I’ve tried it on my vista set up at home and installed/ran just fine. I used the same .exe on my office machine this morning but when i click to launch i get an hourglass for about 5 seconds and the app never starts running. I tried multiple times yesterday and had the same issue. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling but no go.

Any other suggestions?


Hi tommyello, it seems like a problem in your XP environment. Troubleshooting such kind of issue is quite difficult. So I think you can use the “Minimal Bundle” on your XP, you can download it from…

The minimal bundle is a .tar.gz file, you can extract it to a directory with 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRar. You can find a “ForeUI.exe” file in the directory, which allow you to launch the application. However the minimal bundle does not include the Java runtime environment (which is needed by ForeUI), so if you are not sure whether you have it, just go to to download and install one.


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