sometimes i have the problem that i add a behaviour to an element and then, this behaviour, event or/and action is not visible in the “Defined Behaviours” Window.

But it is there, when i close the program and open it again.

The first few times when i spectated that problem i tried to add the behaviour/event or and action several times – in this case, the added features where there several times (after opening and closing program). Sometimes i had the impression it took some longer time until behaviour came up after all without closing and opening.

I am not sure if this is normal for the program?

Until now i was not able to reproduce error on purpose.

I keep you informed. All this happened on a apple/mac Computer.



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more information: Sometimes it helps, when i switch the filter of the “defined behaviour” window off – then all behaviours including the missed ones are there again. Maybe its a bug in the filter?


Hi Seb,

I have ever saw similar issue. But in my case, it was that the newly added behavior is “collapsed” in the behavior tree. If I select its parent node and press “Right” key on keyboard, it will be displayed again. Is it the same issue with yours?


Hi Vivi,

you are right, it seems i can make it visible/hide it by using the right/left cursor arrow.

This is good to know, as it also helps getting a better overview on behaviours.

My suggestion/idea: A little button in behaviour window/or a right click menu maybe next to the “Filter Symbol” that can show/hide all following branches (all events etc.) for all Behaviours. Then you would see only behaviours in first place.

Then you can choose the behaviour needed and “branch it” by using right cursor arrow.

Might be helpful, but not urgent.

  1. Thanks for the confirmation. We will consider the way to improve this, thanks.

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