it would be cool to deaktivate action, flow control, complet parts of the tree.

that would help a lot while testing if things don’t work.

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Hi Yasofies Urason, thanks for the suggestion. However I am afraid that feature may bring us more trouble, and many users will ask why their defined actions don’t work if they disable them by mistake.

I prefer making things simple, if you don’t want some part of the tree, you should delete it. If you want to restore it latter, you can undo the deletion. The deletion is undoable, as soon as the deletion is the only change you have made in the action editor.

Another approach may be cutting some actions from the tree, and you can paste them back later.


all your suggestions don’t seem praktikable

cutting, moving, restoring, all workaround for a simple funktion like deaktivating. for people who have problems with that, there but be a button “aktivate all actions”

i could add flow control with condition for every action i like to deaktivate. but how would that look like. how could i different between conditions for deaktivating action and normal conditions?

perhaps there could be an expert-mode in ForeUI


Since ForeUI is not a programing tool, we prefer simplify things if possible. Adding enable/disable status to action has no problem on technical aspect, but will definitely bring more complexities to end users.

Most users do not have the requirement to disable some part of actions, so they will intuitively regard all actions will take effect, and they will not try to look for the “activate all actions” button if some actions are disabled by mistake. That will frustrate more users.

I can provide another work around for you: you can “disable” an event handler by changing its event to an irrelevant event, that will temporarily make the event handler out of work.


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