This might be tricky to implement, but I figure there’s no harm in asking: would it be possible to add right and center alignment to table columns?

I use a lot of tables in my screens, and most of them hold numeric values, and those columns are supposed to be right-aligned according to the design spec, to ensure clarity when scanning through values. But there’s no way to show that in the rendered tables, which means my screenshots and demos are contradicting the spec.

I’m imagining a bit of markup in the first line of the table’s text content, something like:



Where the “]” or maybe a right-angle-bracket would be the cue to right-align the column’s content. Presumably, style statements would do the dirty work in the HTML.

Is this practical? It would make the tables a lot more realistic.


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It is interesting and seems practical.

I think using ” and ‘=’ may be more suggestive:
< means left align
> means right align
= means center align

The text align property of the table will be a global and default alignment, and each cell can specify its own alignment which has higher priority than the global one.

Of course we can escape these special charactors with , so “<” will be displayed as “<“.


Glad you like this and think it’s do-able. My first thought was to use angle-brackets as the markup, but I wasn’t sure they would survive the text editing field. 🙂


Now this feature is available in V1.90

  1. You guys rock. Thanks for figuring this one out ... it's going into use right away.

That is an improvement.


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