This is closely related to the earlier request for setting individual table row colors:

Our in-house standards call for the first table row to be white, then the second one shaded, and so on. ForeUI shades the first row, then makes the second one white, etc. That’s fine, except there’s no way in the table’s properties panel to switch the order (let alone control row colors, which would also be a solution).

As a result, I’ve started passing around mockups that contradict our design standards, and it has led to a little confusion. If control over row colors isn’t practical at this point, could we at least have a checkbox to reverse the row shading order?

Thanks much.

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Now the white color can be changed (via table background color), so we just need to add a shaded color property for the table.

Meanwhile there is a trick for this, you can use two tables, one for header only and the other one for content only (uncheck the header option). Then the content will start with a white row.

  1. Love the creativity of that two-table header trick, but having a shade color property sounds like a good solution.

Now you can specify the alternate row color in V1.77

  1. Just tried it out, and it works great. Thank you.

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