Add the ability to print out behaviors. This will be more useful as behaviors and interactions become more complex.

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It is a good idea again. We’ve noticed the difficulty to review the behaviors, we are considering a way to improve it. Do you have any suggestion on how to do it?


Xavier, yes. I would provide an option that prints the “behavior” tree. The actual values and settings of each behavior would be displayed alongside its parent behavior.

This doesn’t have to be anything more than what the user currently sees within the editor but with the values shown for each behavior.

To provide maximum flexibility, options should be exposed for scaling/orienting the behavior tree and their values as well as showing the name of the object, etc.


Thanks Ari, I think we can add a new menu item “Print out Behaviors” in the “Prototype” menu, once being clicked, all behaviors for all elements will be shown in one page, also we can configure the scalling and whether to show object name etc. Is that what you proposed?


yes, that sounds great. thank you.

  1. I don't see that menu choice...What is the status of this idea?

Hi Bill,

The design of this feature is not finalized yet. We found it quite difficult to represent all the behavior with a clear and easy way. If you have any suggestion on this feature, please feel free to share with us, thanks.


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