I would like to be able to justify the text in a Text Edit Box vertically and not just horizontally.

I other words I would like to place the text in the Text Edit Box at the bottom instead of the top.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Supporting vertical align in editing mode is not difficult, but when running the simulation, we use TextArea or input text field, they don’t support the vertically justification.

I think you can find a way to work around this requirement.



And it’s not possible to hide the border of a Text Edit Box or change the color of the border?

I’d like to “build” a editable text field with a label in the top-left corner, but the text in the Text Edit Box is then placed on top of the label.

By hiding the border of the Text Edit Box I could “build” the control by a rectangle with a border, a label and a Text Edit Box placed in the bottom of the rectangle.

What a great piece of software, by the way! 🙂


Hiding the border of Text Edit Box may be possible and interesting, we will think about the solution. If it is realizable, we will add it in next version.

BTW, happy to know you like the software 🙂


Hiding TextEditBox border is provided in V1.50


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