I would love to be able to export specification data about the elements in my prototypes: element type, element name, associated tool tips, notes, associated behaviors…all that good information we first define in ForeUI.

When designing a new system or new features in an existing system, I often use other tools to create class diagrams, workflows, state diagrams and system requirements. Being able to export the prototype element data as a csv or excel file, for example, would help keep the UI/ UX data consistent and save a lot of time re-documenting what was created in ForeUI.



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Hello Marco,

Thanks for the idea. This feature is useful but may not needed by all users. We will consider implementing it as a plugin in the future.


H Marco,

Have a look at Looksie – – it does exactly that.

I haven’t updated it for a while so it doesn’t support all the new elements in v3 but I am assessing the ongoing development and would love some feedback.




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