I have defined an array of 2 dimentions, and I am simulating that I change something in the data, but when I am trying to display again the information the data of the array is not changed, so how can I change a value in the array if I know the postions?

Thank you a lot.

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Hi Barush,

So far there is not direct way to modify a member of array. When using the “Set Global Property” action, you will input the name of the entire array, which means you will update all data in the array.

This might be improved in the future versions, meanwhile there is a workaround, as suggested at:….

“If you need to store data structure with 1 dimension (array) or 2 dimensions (table), you may consider storing them with an (invisible) Table element. You can use Set Table Cell Value, Append New Row to Table, Insert New Row to Table and Delete Row from Table actions to manage the data, and use the Table Row Count and Table Cell Values properties to retrieve your data.”

Hope that helped.


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