You should add support for key presses for events by adding a ‘key pressed’ event to the “behavior editor”

for example:

The user adds a menu to a plot. when the keyboard shortcut CTRL+O occurs, it will perform an action.

The keypress event should support the standard keyboard keys, F1-F10, Alt, Shift and Control modifier keys as well.


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Sure, it is in our list already 🙂


Oh, I may just misread your idea… Seems the feature you required is the “Accelarate key” for menu item only, not the keyboard event processing for any element.

Yet I think they are similar, I think the only difficulty is the focus handling. It seems not easy to make a global hotkey handler in DHTML, instead the keyboard event handler is for specific element, we need to find a way to solve this.


single keypress is fine for now since this is just a simulation.


But the element may lose focus during the simulation, in that case, its keypress event can not be triggered… So I guess global key handling is better, but it is hard to implement.


The keyboard event handling is available from V2.10:


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