Hello ladies and gentlemen,

working with the Table element I discovered again an issue with the default css browser interpretation.

Again the browsers default behavior differs, from what ForeUI editor is displaying.

So maybe there should a option inside the tool to set the padding or to set the default padding in the css during the compilation to avoid different layouts in different browsers.

Thank you!

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Hi Oleg,

The issue you mentioned only happens when the column width is not big enough (for text and padding). I guess you have reduced the default width of table columns, haven’t you?

The CSS code you added actually force the table cell to reduce its padding value, which should not be done in all cases. You can try this CSS code with the default Table element (without resizing its columns), you will see the difference.

The issue you mentioned is that the simulation is not smart enough to fit the content into the cell, when the cell is too small. This could be improved, but it will be complicated.

  1. ViVi,
    you are right, I have to set fix width due to limited space.
    So an option to set the padding in the tool would help, but no idea how much work this would generate.
    Until then I am ok with the CSS hack, which are fortunately possible in ForeUi :)

    Thanks for explanation.

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