Very glad to have the “export all pages” option, since I usually makes changes to multiple pages in a plot and it’s great to export everything at once.

But the way batch export currently works, I provide a “base” name and the PNGs are named base.png, base_2.png, base_3.png, etc. Since the source page names are not preserved when the images are created, I’m left guessing and double-checking what’s shown in the images when I used them in reviews and standards docs.

Could we have the option, during batch export, of making PNGs match the name of their originating pages? It would really help with workflow.

Thanks much.

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Good suggestion, having the page name in the image file name may be helpful. However we may have to replace all non-alphanumeric characters to “_” to avoid using invalid file names.

I think this option can be added in the next version.

  1. Thanks, that would be wonderful. I can see the need for some sort of regular-expression based character normalization, and that really shouldn't confuse anyone.

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