You have added “New Feature: New “Set System Cursor” Action. ” to 1.60, and that is very cool!

As I was trying it out it hit me, that the following feature would be very cool:

To simulate system feedback, you have to add three actions to the element, that should initiate the system feedback.


Element Clicked

  • Set System cursor: Wait
  • Pause a while: 2000
  • Set system cursor: Default

I would be great to be able to make my own “action groups”. In this case I would group the three listed actions and save them as “System feedback, 2000”.

For the next e.g. button that should initiate system feedback I would only have to add this

Element clicked

System feedback, 2000 (which I would pick from somewhere in the “Add action” menu.)

And I would be able to edit the group to add actions and change their properties.

How about that?! :o)

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I like this idea. We will consider the way to implement it, having such kind of “action group” will be very helpful, I think it works like a function in programming.


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