Hello ladies and gentlemen,

working in my mainplot with many deep Groups I experienced too many clicks required to find the right element.

I though it would be very helpfull if there were 2 more buttons at the bottom beside the Select/Deselect, Show/Hide Elements, etc which would Collapse and Expand the Outline Elements Tree.

Would like to hear your opinion.

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Hi Oleg, in the outline view, there is a small arrow (or +/- button in Windows system) on the left of each collapsible item, isn’t that helpful for your case?


Yes as of now I have to use those arrows at the left of each group of elements. But when selecting one group the collapsed items( which I collapsed before) inside will expand. So I am clicking back and forth to get an overview the outline tree element at the top level.

Maybe my case is extra complicated 🙂

  1. At least it would help, if the Groups would not expand, when I check them, because they do it already, when I just click on them.
    I want to select 3 Groups with elements and everytime I check 1 group it expands and I have to collapse it, to find the other 2 groups.
    This is pain in the ass, when you have to do it frequently.
  2. Yes, it is so true that not expending the Group automatically will help a lot. I think that's the way to go. If we add two buttons for collapse/expand the node, it is not convenient to specify how many levels should be expended/collapsed. Expending/collapsing the first level may not meet user's requirement.

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