Hello ForeUI team,

working with the TextBox element on different browsers I discovered an issue.

As you can see on the picture the lineheight in the ForeUI editor differs from what is rendered in simulation on each browser at 100% zoom.

The IE seems to have the same lineheight as the ForeUI editor, but in the Firefox only 3 out of lines 4 fit into the frame.

I fixed this issue with the CSS Code element:

* {

line-height: 120%; /* Same lineheight for all browsers */


Is the default behavior to let the browser to decide the line height intended in ForeUI or would it be helpfull to set the same line height for all browsers?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi Oleg,

You are right. ForeUI doesn’t set the default line-height so the web browser decides it. It is better to let ForeUI to decide it, and get the same value of line height in all browsers.

However, after testing with the browsers I have, I think 110% is better and the final result is very close to how it looks in ForeUI:

Can you share your result as well? Thank you.

  1. Hello ViVi,
    I played a bit with the value and think that something between 115% and 117% have the most accurate rendering at 100% zoom.
    When you have 6 lines in your TextBox, you will see that 115% is better than 110%.
    Nevertheless I am glad, that you consider this feature in future release :)

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