I would like the TextBox element to automatically increase the width to make the content visible.

When I add a TextBox element and write some text is looks like this:

When I click on OK it looks like this and I must resize the element to see all the text:

I would like it to look like this automatically:

If I insert a line break after “example”, I would like it to automatically look like this:

I prefer that this is not implemented as part of the existing “Auto resize element after editing its content” feature, as it has not unwanted side effects 🙂

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In my current version 3.802 there is a button “Auto Size” in the ToolBar, which will do, what you suggest.

I would not like to let the programm auto size it after every editing.

  1. I know the auto size function. I would simply prefer not to click or resize almost everytime I add a TextBox. 98 % of the time it is too small.

    It seems strange, that when I hit ENTER and force a line break, then the TextBox does not get any higher. Don't you agree?
  2. Yes, it seems that the parser ignores new lines without text.
    Also it seems, that the auto size only affect the height, but the width of the TextBox.
  3. The "auto size" button just thought you don't need to allocate space for the white characters :-)

    Also the auto sizing will calculate the height basing on the width you give the element, otherwise it won't know how to allocate the width and height for the element.

I get your point, but sometimes auto wrapping is preferred instead. For example, if you use TextBox to create a paragraph, you would hope it to auto wrap its content within its bounds, and not to exceed the area it suppose to occupy.

Both modes are useful, maybe a switch in the editing toolbar or an option in settings could do the trick.


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