Hello ladies and gentlemen,

today I had a case, where I wish there would be a possibility to manipulate on the tooltip of a TextBox.

I have a fixed size for the TextBox (so fix count of max. chars to fit) and would like to cut strings which will be longer than the max. count of chars with added “…” and display the full string in the Tooltip of that TextBox. The value of that TextBox can be manipulated by useraction or counters.

Also a case would be to show a short dynamical info in the TextBox field and store the long description in the ToolTip, which should be of course be manipulable by actions.

I think this feature will be more usefull for high dymanic mockups, but still it ́s an idea worth to think about.

Thanks for your input.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think it is a good idea. The “Note” of the element is static and for review, while the “Tooltip” of element is displayed in simulation, and could be dynamic.


For the ones, who need this feature now, I share my solution with the JS snippet:

$(“#TextBox_1”).attr(‘title’, ‘{Property}’);


$(“#TextBox_1”).attr(‘title’, ‘Your text here’);

Have fun!

  1. Thanks for sharing!

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