You added the possibility to use n inside a table to write multiline text, and that’s a cool feature!

However, it could be improved.

Solution #1 shows a table with row height 25. The problem is, that there is very little room around the text in the table rows.

Solution #2 shows a table with row height 33. Now the rows are fine with enough space around the text. However, the header text has way too much space.

Solution #3 is the design I want, but it’s actually made of two tabels. The first table which is only a header has row height 25, and the next table has no header and row height 33.

I would like to be able to do that with one table only.

The biggest problem in using the work around with two tables is, that it gets very hard to adjust the column widths in the two tables if you need a table with more than one column.

So maybe you could add the possibility to define header and row height separately.

Please notice that the “zebra stripes” gets inverted if you use a table with no header 🙂

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Maybe we can use a special syntax to specify the height for each row, just like the can override the default text alignment.

I think it will be more flexible.


Sounds like a good idea! Then it will be possible to write a smaller row height for the header. I guess… 🙂


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