I have a few proposals for Image Dock enhancements:

Overwrite image

Current behaviour: If you have added “Image A.gif” to the Image Dock and once again adds the exact same image file. The dock now contains two images with different img#.

That makes it hard to update the e.g. icons of your prototype, as you have to manually change the icons or use “Change Image Reference”.

I would expect that “Image A.gif” would get overwritten if you add “Image A.gif” once again, and I would expect the images in the plot file to be automatically updated with the “new” “Image A.gif”.

What’s the reason for the current behaviour?

Delete warning

There is no warning if you delete an image in the dock. Please add a warning.

Change Image Reference

The design of “Change Image Reference” could be improved. Instead of showing only one image, you could increase the size of the dialog and show maybe 20 images.

Resizeable Image Dock

Could you maybe make the Image Dock resizeable and let the user drag the border of the dock to be able to see more images and let it remember its size?

Image Dock hotkey

Please add a hotkey to toggle the Image Dock.

Thanks 🙂

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Hi, sorry for the late replay

About the Image Overwrite:
In our planning, the image dock should be much more powerful than it is now. We planed to support several kinds of image filters (such as grayscale, single hue, sketch etc) which can be applied on inserted images. So we allow inserting the same image file for many times, since they can be rendered in different ways according to the filters they are using and the zooming ratio they are using. So far only the gray scale filter is implemented. But we will keep this behavior since we will add more filters in the future. I can understand your case so we will find another why to allow replacing the image source (maybe a new button or menu item).

About the Delete Warning:
Usually we only popup warning message when user about to do something that can not be undone. Since deleting image in image dock can be undone, I think it is not necessary to have a warning (deleting element in plot is the same situation).

Change Image Reference:
Agree and accepted, let’s improve it in the future.

Resizeable Image Dock:
Sure it will be better to have a resizeable image dock, but it is kind of big task. Let’s reconsider this latter 🙂

Image Dock hotkey:
Good idea, what about Ctrl + I? Also we can provide hotkey to show / hide the tool windows (Global Property Window, Element Selector Window etc)


Image Overwrite

It could be very simple. If you add a image file which already exists in the Image Dock, a warning is shown: “Do you want to overwrite the existing image? [Yes, overwrite] [No, add again] [Cancel]”

About the Delete Warning

Oh, I didn’t realize that CTRl + Z worked in the Image Dock 🙂

Then I totally agree!

Image Dock hotkey

CTRL + I is fine.


Change Image Reference:

would be cool if it would be possible to click on the new image in the Dock instead of klick through all the images one after the other.

  1. Agree. The current implementation is not convenient if there are many images in dock.

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