I really like how you are able to “drill down” into groups using the Path on the properties window. In this way, I can easily select any individual member of the group that I need to work on.

I was hoping this same functionality could be incorporated into simple drawn selection boxes. For instance, if I draw a selection box and it says “3 Selected Elements”, it would be sweet if there was a dropdown from which I could individually select any of the 3.

I am aware that I could group them and then work, and I’m also very familiar with “select element” and “find element”. They each work great in various situations, but not for every scenario. There’s extra work involved that could be avoided with the functionality I describe.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi pohldoug,

Thanks for the suggestion, and I think it is a good idea.

We will enhance the GUI in V3.0 and we will have this considered in our design.


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