XemWare is excited to announce the availability of Looksie v1 for download.

Looksie v1 lets you:

* Generate ready to use documentation from your mockups using templates that you customise – use the powerful in-built Report Designer, or create Word or Excel based templates, you can now document mockups your way.

* Generate mockups from existing systems – quickly build form style mockups from databases (great for application designers), and coming in September, generate mockups from web pages.

To find out more and download a fourteen day trial, please visit

Windows only for now, but Mac and Linux support is planned.

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Congratulations 🙂

I will try to make some reports for ForeUI plots with Looksie and see if I could write a review for that.


Hi there,

the use of Fore UI was dismissed at the enterprise I work at because of the extensive use of png files and the apparent dismissal of css files in the exported DHTML. This makes the workload for design changes too extensive.

Does the usage of Looksie supplement this?

I really like working with Fore UI and I think it can have a great future when all those features are finally added.


Hi Purplebluegreen,

(I’m sure Xavier is keen to understand this as well) What is the actual problem with the DHTML in relation to your expectations, company policy, and desired output?

You refer to workload for design changes – at what stage? Still in the mockup (where you would make those in ForeUI), or are you feeding the output into something else.

If you could provide some detail as to how you progress your mockups through to detailed design/development, we could provide some ideas/possible solutions.

Looksie is an option for generating ready to use documentation, it doesn’t replace the DHTML export in ForeUI (but there will be tight integration with the DHTML in latter releases of Looksie i.e. a Review module)



The plan was:

1. I develop the navigational structure and functions.

2. The web designer enhances the layout.

3. Rinse and Repeat

When I gave it to her she said that design changes where very time-consuming because of the way the DHTMLs are created. Even changing the background color would have been complex.

To clarify:

We did not try to create the application, just to make the mock ups look nicer and be more adjustable using other tools.

E.g. if we want to change the color of all buttons.


The buttons are essentially rendered as input buttons with a background image, so that makes mass color change a bit difficult.

It would be really helpful if your designer could provide a specific scenario and example of what she’d like to see in the DHTML generated, the ForeUI team are very responsive as you know. As well as what tweaks she is doing that could be catered for in ForeUI.

I have introduced ForeUI to a couple of web development companies and they seem to get sign-off from the client using pure ForeUI DHTML just fine.


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