When I click on Run Simulation there is activity and it does generate all the files except the index.html. It seems that some other people had this issue already but none of the solutions fixed my problem.

Please help!



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Hi Ziad,

If you confirm other files (.css and .js files) are generated after clicking the Run Simulation button, that means you have the permission to write to the directory. So I guess the problem may be one of the followings:

1. The .html file is regarded as dangerous scripting file and be removed immediately by some security system.

2. There are some errors happen during the .html file generation. In this case you should be able to see some error messages in your console.

We may give you more suggestions if you could provide some more details for the problem.


Hi Xavier,

Thanks for your post. It looks like it was a file permission problem. I ran the app as root and I could run the simulation. Then I noticed that I forgot to give myself write permissions on the folder where foreui was installed (I had given write permissions in all the subfolders but forgot the folder itself).

Now I can run the simulation as myself.

I do have an issue with getting the simulation to do what I want it to do but I’ll search around first and then post here if I still need some assistance.



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