An event of “Focus Lost” would be exceptionally useful. Many times other field values need to be re-calculated after the user enters information or some kind of validation needs to occur (possibly with a pop-up letting the user know that they need to change their input). Without a “Focus Lost” event, simulating this type of interaction is very difficult, if not impossible.

Some simple examples:

Calculated Label:

Text field A

Text field B

Label C

The user enters A and B. C populates with A – B. If the user changes A or B, C needs to change as well.


Text field “Company”

The user types in a company name. Validation occurs when focus is lost, which shows a pop-up letting the user know that the company already exists.

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Hi LittleRed99, thanks for the suggestion 🙂

I agree that the “Focus Lost” and “Focus Gain” events will be very useful to simulate the use case you described.

The good news is: these two events are quite easy to be supported, we will include them in next version.


The “Focus Lost” and “Focus Gain” events are supported from V2.60


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