I mostly use the ForeUI toolbars set to use small icons without text. So that means there’s lots of free space on the toolbar. I also mostly use ForeUI in windowed mode, and this causes some odd behavior with the slideshow and simulation buttons. Most of the time, they are off the right side of the toolbar, and I have to scroll to access them. That’s a little bit of a pain, especially for something as important as the simulation button (definitely my most used icon on the toolbar). I’ve attached a screenshot:

It looks like those two icons are right-aligned, and the toolbar width is fixed at some value that’s bigger than what I keep my screen at. I see the benefit of having those two buttons always right-aligned; it’s nice to have them in a predictable spot. But it would be nice if the toolbar was a little smarter about its size – instead of having it a fixed width, if it would be able to adapt to a smaller screen size, that would be ideal.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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Hi Mark, I just check this and I can reproduce the problem. However it seems related to the tool’s look and feel. If I use the default EaSynth look and feel, the toolbar looks like this:

If I use the system look and feel (and I use Windows XP), I will see the same problem as you described. We will dig in to see if we can solve it.


It looks like in the last update, this issue got fixed. Using the system look and feel in Windows XP, the slide show and simulate buttons now show up just like in Xavier’s screenshot here – directly to the right of the “snap to” radio buttons.

It’s still a little weird because the toolbar still lets you scroll to the right, despite nothing being over there, but that’s not a big deal.

  1. Yes this issue is partially fixed. We noticed the unnecessary scrolling as well, and will dig into it later :-)

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