As I’ve settled into daily use of ForeUI, have started to notice the little details that add up to wasted time. Right now, adding scrollbars to a table, tab set, tree, or text area is a manual process of dragging-in, re-orienting, and careful positioning — all of which has to be repeated whenever the parent element is moved or resized.

This gets old real quick. Could horizontal and vertical controls be added as optional attributes for containers, so that they move and resize with the container automatically? Would be nice to include a thickness stepper, but I mostly want a set-and-forget checkbox to have a scrollbar render as needed.

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We’ve realized this, and we are thinking about the solution.

Since the prototype can be run as html, we’d like to make the html has (almost) the same appearence than the plot. That brings some technical difficulties since the scroll bar in html can not be control so freely. We need some time to figure it out.


ForeUI V1.90 provides the scrolling support for table element

  1. Anonymous September 3, 2010
    Ideally, I would like the table element to allow horizontal scrolling that scrolls the header and data rolls horizontally, but scrolls only the data rows vertically. Currently implementation only does the second of these two...unless I am missing something?
    Example: the second table on the page at this link: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>. The important bits are the horiztonal and vertical scroll behaviors; the fixed footer row not needed.
  2. Hi Bryce Flynn, the horizontal scrolling of table is not supported so far. A workaround is to embed the table element into scrollable container, however the left header will be scrolled as well.

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