Hey ForeUI team, I know that I haven’t been creating anything with your program for quite some time, but I have a question. I was using your newest version and I noticed that the shortcut for duplicating an object is gone. I don’t know which build removed it, but if it did exist can you add it as Ctrl+D. I have Balsamiq Mockups, iPlotz, Mockflow, and Flairbuilder and they all have that shortcut, however, you do not.

I have a suggestion for the define action shortcut, perhaps making it Ctrl+Shift+A. Here is my reasoning behind the shortcut, I can imagine that there are two types of designers, interactive and static. The interactive designers are familiar with expressions and defining actions, so it makes sense that the keyboard shortcut is not as common for the normal users. The static designers prefer to make static mockups (designs that are not interactive by means of animation), for those designers Ctrl+Shift+D shouldn’t really be in their scope.

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Thanks for the suggestion. As I remember it has been suggested a few months ago (Ctrl+D to duplicate selected element).

Actually there is no duplicate command in ForeUI, at least for now. We have not removed the shortcut as it had not been there yet. We think the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V can take place the duplicate command. The pasted element will be moved a little bit, but in most cases you would move it somewhere after the duplication, so it is not too bad.

If there is not shortcut confliction, we don’t mind adding the duplicate command. However the Ctrl+D is used for action difinition so long time, it is not a good idea to change it.

  1. I understand where you are coming from when you say not to change the shortcut and that is why I suggest either the Ctrl+Shift+D or another option as follows:

    In Balsamiq Mockups, duplicating an item copies the item and pastes it next to the original item, but it horizontally/vertically spaces it automatically. I say, if you decide not to implement the shortcut, perhaps you can implement that functionality when someone copies and pastes an item.

Here is the proposed change

  1. Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I remember DanM had ever suggested this: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

    I am not sure which one is better: a new duplicate command (Ctrl+Shif+D) or smarter paste command? We will follow up and see.
  2. Thanks, my pleasure.

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