Does ForeUI support IE9 yet? I am getting an error running a simulation. See this jing for an example of an issue with an extremely simple plot.

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Hi mark, thanks for the jing.

From the video I can see you like to show/hide the menu when clicking on the menubar. Usually it is recommended to use the “Selection Changed” event instead of the “Element Clicked” event. However the script error should not occur even the “Element Clicked” event is used on MenuBar. So it is a bug to fix (but not for IE9 only, all browsers can reproduce it).

We will fix this bug in next update. Meanwhile you can do something to work around this bug. You can use “Selection Changed” event on MenuBar and it works well.

If you wish to trigger the event when clicking on the blank area without clickable items, you can keep using the “Element Clicked”, just add an empty handler for the “Selection Changed” event can avoid the error:


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