New Feature: New actions for Table (insert/append/delete row)

New Feature: New properties for Table (row/column count)

New Feature: New properties for Accordion (section count, expanded flags)

New Feature: New “Note” property for all elements.

New Feature: New “Loaded as Master Page” event for pages.

New Feature: New “Section Expanded/Collapsed” event for Accordion.

Enhancement: Parse properties in the indices of Table cell value array.

Fixed Bug_0295: Reduce the height of a table row and make it smaller than the default value, the change could not take effect in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0296: When Table has no selected row, its “selectedIndex” property value should be 0 instead of -1 in simulation.

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The note property is a great improvement as well as the loaded as masterpage-event!

Anyway the topic should be V2.7.2, shouldn’t it ?

  1. Yes the topic should be V2.72 :-)

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