It would be great it we could simplify the adding of tables. Rather than adding a table and then having to edit cell by cell, could we have the option of adding data in the same way as the mult-level menu?


Header 1, Header 2

Data 1, Data 2

Data 3, Data 4


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Actually it is the way to edit table content in old versions 🙂

We use a new table editor from V2.22 in order to support column width and row height editing.

Maybe we can support both editors and let user to switch as they need.


Sorry Phil, gotta laugh at this. That was the way it used to be, but now that you can embed other elements into the table, and control individual row heights etc, the table editor was introduced a couple months back.

If only you’d started using ForeUI when I told you too… 😉


Thanks Xavier – it would be great to be able to quickly create tables in the way you’ve said.
Perhaps as an alternative, if we paste from Excel could it paste into a table?


Hi Phil, we will provide a button to toggle the “simple” and “full” modes for content editing. Also we will investigate the feasibility of pasting Excell table.


Great – thanks Xavier 🙂


Hi Phil, from V2.57, you can switch the “simple” and “full” modes for table editing.


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