Hi again 🙂

Is it possible to easily add an Action that operates on many elements at the same time?

Specifically, what I’m trying to do is add a Rest All button. When clicked, I want to:

-Set ‘all’ combo-boxes back to Index=1

-Reseat ‘all’ combo-boxes to their default state (some start disabled, some start normal)

I’ve done this by adding tons of actions to the buttons, but every time I add a new element, i need to update the event on the Reset All button .. I’d rather have a global event.. but i can’t figure out how ..


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I think you may try using the custom event to achieve this.

In each ComboBox, you can define a “Reset” event handler:

Then you can define the behavior of the reset button:

When the “Reset” event is triggered, all “Reset” event handlers will be invoked, so all your ComboBox will be reset.

  1. Very nice feature! :)

Perfect! That will work just fine.




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