I am trying to use the accordion element in a scrollable container, however it seems to be buggy when I run it in the simulator. The text dissapears and I don’t see the actual accordion. Is anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong?

Note: Text lables are not visible in a scrollable container

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Hi Audrey, I just checked it and seems the problem only happen in IE? Could you confirm that?

On my side it works well in FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


Just confirmed it is caused by the IE’s “filter”. In IE the simulation is using filter to implement alpha transparent, if two elements with filter overlap, some odd behaviors will happen.

Currently we always use filter in css file, so it seems no way to work around. However we will do some improvements in next update: just don’t output the filter if opacity is 100%, thus the problem should disappear if scroll container keep its 100% opacity.


I changed the scroll container to 100% opacity and I still cannot see the text lables.

  1. Hi Audrey, please wait for the next update (which should be released in next week). This problem has no workaround without that update.

    Meanwhile you can run the simulation in non-IE browsers, FF, Chrome and Safari do not have this problem.
  2. Ok, thanks a lot and I look forward to the release next week.
  3. Hi Audrey, V2.80 is out, you can check it out.

Thanks Xavier.

I updated my version and I can see the labels now in IE. However when I run the simulation, I see a bunch of extra “lines” that are not there on my screen in the actual ForeUi application. Attachment 1 is what I see in ForeUi and Attachment 2 is what I see when I run the simulation.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

  1. Yes, another customer has reported this bug already. A minor bug fixing update will be available in a few minutes.

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