It would be great if I could paste in text and images copied from other applications.

– If I copy some text from word, automatically paste as basic text.

– If I copy cells from excel, automatically paste as a table.

– If I copy an image, paste in as image.

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Agree. It will be great to support the “smart” copy & paste.

We will see if it is feasible on technical view.


Thanks for the quick reply – the other thing that would be great would be to have a CTRL-drag function to automatically copy elements (as per photoshop etc).


  1. However the Ctrl key is occupied by "minus" mode selection :-)

Any news about this ?
I also miss the option to copy/paste text from a text element to another. If I try to do so, then just the last elements are copied.

  1. There is no update for this yet. If you like to copy and paste the content of the text element, you would need to do it in edit mode, double-clicking or press ENTER can make text element enter the edit mode.

Thanks for the great progress on this guys – it’s fantastic to be able to copy and paste images etc.

  1. You are welcome :-) We will continue working on these enhancements.

Hi Xavier- any plans to introduce the ability to copy a table from excel?

  1. Hi Phil, copying image from external app is supported from V2.47. We haven't set up the date to implement the "copy table from excel" feature yet. Maybe we would implement the feature to import table from CVS file first.

Yes, I’m loving the ability to paste an image in directly – it’s great!

We tend to build our tables based on queries from our database. I guess we could save to .csv first. I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

Thanks Xavier



Phil, I think you would find the MockupGenerator module in Looksie very useful.…


Thanks Tim – your system looks great! But a bit of overkill when I just want to create one table from an MSSQL query


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