would it be possible to have more options in the placement of the annotation balloon pointer? I love these things, as they help to organize different discussion points and decisions when our teams are going through the prototypes. But placing them on the screen without getting in the way of the actual prototype is sometimes challenging, and often when I find a good spot for them, the pointer isn’t exactly pointing where I want it to anymore. I would like to just tell it where to point and have it drawn dynamically rather than picking from simple up/down/left/right. Or even being able to slide the pointer would be nice.

A small thing, yes, but helpful.

I’ve been hitting the forum pretty hard lately, please don’t take my suggestions as criticism. I love ForeUI!!

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Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

Believe it or not, we have planned this for more than 6 months… It seems like a small thing for balloon element, but actually it require implementing a new “Control Point” system in ForeUI editor.

We planned to provide control points on some elements, including balloon. Thus you will be able to drag the control point to tweak the internal layout of element. For balloon element, the tip of the pointer will be a control point, you will be able to move it to anywhere.

However supporting control point is a big work, we still need to work more on it. So please wait and see.


Even just the ability to flip and rotate the current balloons would help

  1. Yes, this may be easier.
  2. Xavier, do you happen to know when any of the above suggestions might become reality?
  3. Hi Maaike, it is in our list already but the time to implement this is not allocated yet. I will let you know when things are finalized.

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