I would like the selected color to be highlighted in some way when I open the color swatches. It would make it easier to select a ligther/darker shade.


I have made this mock-up:



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Staff June 27, 2016

Thanks for the suggestion Ulrich. I think we implemented this before but somehow it doesn’t work now (highlighting disappears after quickly shown). We will look into it.

  1. You have implemented a mouse over effect (black border), but I don't think I have seen the highlight of the currently selected color.
  2. ViVi Staff June 27, 2016
    You are right, we will work on it :-)

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I agree, It would make it easier to select a lighter/darker shade.

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I’ve tried several other possibilities like backslash-x0A, #013; and \r, but nothing I have tried works.


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