would be cool if i could define for actions that the belongs the a group so that i could deaktivate them all with one click.

example for debug messages i with to show or hide.

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Hi Yasofies Urason, I think this is duplicated with these threads:……

For some reasons mentioned in thoes threads, we do not support adding action to group.


oh sorry that was not was i meaned with group.

this is addon for:…

actiongroup mean that i but in front of all actions i with to group. i put a conditional branching. this is for all actions in the group the same and could aktivate or deaktivate this actions.


all the actions for debug “show message” could be in one action group and simple be deaktivatet after testing. with out deleting them. stored for later use.


I could not see your sample, maybe you missed the figure? However I think this can be done with conditional branching already. Please take a look at the figure below:

The three actions can be regarded as “grouped actions”, and you can disable them by changing the condition to “true==false”.


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