Hi all,

With the latest features in 2.17, I think we now have all the required elements to create a tool tip that appears based on where you click the mouse.

At the moment, I am able to get a custom tooltip to appear when I want (Using the pause action) .. but, I’d like to have it appear over the element but focused on the tip of the mouse cursor depending on where I click.

Anyone up for the challenge of figuring out an elegant way to do this?

I’ll try later .. but right now, I’m “in the juice” .. and can’t spend any extra time figuring it out .. 😉

I’m sure someone can get this working pretty quickly ..

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Hi Jeremy,

I just submitted an example for this:

Enjoy it 😉

  1. Awesome! Thanks!
    I'll spend some time reverse-engineering it soon, and let you know if I have any questions ..

When I select a button, add event for Mouse Over and Add Action, then Operate on Element, after choosing the button for the element, I only see three choices: change visibility, change location, change state. I do not see how I can add a tooltip. What did I miss?


I’ve uploaded a more simple example, which you can download here:…

There are only two elements in the example:

  1. A TextBox that is the tooltip itself
  2. A button that has a tooltip

You can’t use “Operate on element”. Instead you have to open the behaviour dialog for the button (in this example) and edit the “Change “TextBox_Tooltip” text to…”

Depending on the lenght of the tooltip text you can also change the size of the tooltip.

If you need linebreaks just write n in the text.

  1. Good work :-)

    Your plot is listed in the community site now.

Oh Groovy!!! 😀

My smile is much bigger than the first available icon of the left (in the How does this make you feel section underneath this comment box).


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