Great if we could mix styles in a Text control e.g.

<b>Title</b> – normal text <i>italic</i>

It would make managing text simpler as it reduces number of controls and positioning etc.

(If I say Balsamiq supports this will it help get it done quicker?? 😉 )

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Thanks Tim, we already scheduled this feature. We plan to enhance the text editor and provide the buttons to format the selected part of content.

We wish to implement this on current text element. If it is not feasible on technical aspect, we may introduce a new “Rich Text” element for that.


That would be useful, but in the shorter term I’d like every control that has text to support markup for enabling bold, italic, and underline.

For example, I’d like to bold a specific tab header, so the text for the control could be:

Tab1, Tab2, <b>Tab3</b>

  1. This would overide the 'default' font style configured on the element.

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