I’d like to use a hidden table for record storage and access elements using an index like this:


Where CurrentCustomer is a global integer.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work: The simulation generates a syntax error:

Message: Expected ‘]’

Line: 993

Char: 96

Code: 0

URI: file:///C:/Users/afinger/.foreui/workspace/8DFA88D4043969557AEB6846C9EF28C5/SIM1298948093431/scripts/elements.js

Is there a correct way to do this?

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Hi Alan,

So far the indices of table cell do not support variable yet. We will add this support soon (most probably in next update).


Thanks for your quick response. I’ve just completed a simulation/demonstration and would like to suggest some enhancements that would have made the work much easer and the result more realistic:

1. Please add the ability to access table elements using variables or expressions for indices. I had to write dozens of case statements to simulate this behavior and it seriously limited the size of my dataset.

2. The ability to append or insert a row into a table is very useful for emulating work queues. Likewise, the ability to delete a row would avoid having to write complicated table manipulation functions (events).

3. A table property that returned the number of rows would be useful along with #2.

4. If possible, please add the ability to dynamically change the image in an image object or create an image object that can hold an imageset: I had to overlay a fixed set of images and manually maintain visibility to select the right one.

5. I would be very helpful if an object, such as an image, could be embedded in a table cell.

Great program! the rest of the team was impressed with the speed I was able to bring up up a simulated extension to our software which we can demonstrate to a customer. The above extensions will make it more practical as a complex modelling tool.

  1. Hi Alan, thanks for the suggestions. The 1st enhancement is included in V2.70, which will be released today (3.14). The 5th enhancement is there already, you can drag element into table cell with right mouse button hold :-)

    We will implement other enhancements in future update.

Great! I’m looking forward to using ForeUI in future projects.


In V2.70, we enhanced the “Set Table Cell Value” action to support varables in row/column indices. However it is just for the cell value setting, so it is not actually covering the 1st enhancement (sorry).

We will work on the value getting as well and hope we could have it implemented in next version.


Ok, Thanks. Being able to populate a table with a CSV file makes it very useful as a data store. The need, therefore is to read records from a hidden table by row. The “get” capability is key to making this practical.


Hi Alan, I am glad to tell you that in the newly released V2.72, Table element supports 3 new actions to append/insert/delete row, 2 new properties to return the number of rows and columns. What’s more, you can use variable (property) as the row/column index for the value array. So your 1st enhancement is now covered.


Excellent! Thank you!


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