New Feature: New Accordion element.

Enhancement: The ‘Set Table Cell Value’ action supports properties in row and column index.

Fixed Bug_0286: For button with icon only, turn on the ‘underline’ decoration, then error happens and current action will halt.

Fixed Bug_0287: If table’s actual row height is different than default value, the alternate color filling is incorrect in Hand Drawing, Windows XP and Windows 7 themes.

Fixed Bug_0288: Hide the default icons for tree element, the icons are still visible in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0289: Lock the position of the element and unselect it, the element become invisible if you drag it.

Fixed Bug_0290: Can not directly click specific regions of element to change selection if zoom ratio is not 100%. (Tree, Table, Tabs, VerticalTabs and MultilevelMenu)

Fixed Bug_0291: Hold SHIFT to resize element with aspect locked, the aspect is not accurate when any snap action is performed.

Fixed Bug_0292: Select user-defined category in ‘Manage Category’ window, all buttons hover on element in the category are not clickable until restarting ForeUI.

Fixed Bug_0293: Add custom element with duplicated name, should update its reference in the list instead of adding new reference.

Fixed Bug_0294: In image dock, if the image ids are not sequential, dragging image to plot may not work correctly.

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