I usually have an object and then a text label over it then group it.

But I can’t seem to attach actions to groups.

So I have to either make another object over it all with the actions or add the actions to the text label which isn’t great.

BUG – Go to Set Global Property value, choose the … for property name, select Global Value, choose a Global Value you’ve made from the drop down list e.g. Last_Page. Notice that when it adds it, it adds it as {Last_Page} which when confirmed ends up being {{Last_Page}} which causes it to not work. You have to go in and delete out the extra {}’s it adds.

I’m trying to use one loop after another to move the position of a button.

The effect I’m aiming for is for the button to move up when clicked, then when it reaches a certain height or has ended the first loop, then moves down.

What seems to happen is that only the last loop runs.

Element Clicked

Loop 5 times (interval=25ms)

Move element “A” to (430,[A.y]-1)

Loop 5 times (interval=25ms)

Move element “A” to (430,[A.y]+1)

What I thought should have happened is that it would move up then back down or the other way around depending on the loop order.

But it doesn’t It just goes down.

Any ideas how to get it working? Thanks.

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Also, How do I get the saved DHTML page viewable on an iPhone?

The calculator example worked, but when I saved out my example, put it on dropbox and used the dropbox app to open the index.html file it didn’t work.

It should have recognised it as a webpage and opened it in safari.

It didn’t recognize the .4ui file. 🙁


Hello Brek,

We will allow attaching actions to Group element in V3.0.

The “BUG” of Set Global Property action is not a bug. When you click the “…” button, ForeUI deems you want to use the value of another property as the name of this property. If you want to change the value of a predefined property, just drop down the list directly and pick the property to change.

In V2.xx, the sibling loops will be executed concurrently, this is a limitation. V3.0 will remove this limitation. In V2.xx, if you want to start another loop after the end of one loop, you will have to check the ending condition inside the loop and make sure to trigger a custom event for another loop, when the last circle of the first loop is executed.

The .4ui file is just a project file and web browser could not recognize it. You will need to export your .4ui file to DHTML, which is a directory that contains the “index.htm” file.



I still think the bug is valid. It does not behave as expected. If I select a Global Property from the … I then have to physically delete the {} from either end to make the Proprty name say Last_Page isnead of {Last_Page} becuase when you click ok it adds anoter {} to it making it {{Last_Page}} which makes it not work.

I should not have to do that.

Thanks for clearing up the loop issue.

Testing on iPhone. I did export a DHTML file. I placed the index.htm and all the created folders and images into my dropbox so I could access it via my iPhone.

When selecting the index.htm it just says…

“ForeUI Simulation Loading …” and displays a “?” icon where it would normally display the animated loading icon.

Another issue.

If I group some elements, then drag one of those elements it resizes the group container. However, if I press Cntrl+Z to undo that move it does not re-size the group container back to it’s original size.


Another issue.

When saving out your work. If you click the “New folder” button it does not appear to create a new folder. (It does, but the screen doesn’t refresh to update and show the folder)

I ended up with 5 new folders after I gave up trying to create a new folder to save my work in.


Another issue.

There is no undo on cutting behaviours.

So if choose to cut a line that line is gone and I then need to cancel, which makes me lose all the editing I had done at that time.

What make this worse is that if I cut a loop but want to keep the action that was occuring within the loop, it removes it all so i lose it.

To get around this I have to copy and paste out all of the actions I want to keep that are ‘downstream’ of the loop that I am cutting. 🙁


Hi Brek,

When clicking the “…” button, ForeUI will think you are trying to use the property VALUE as the new property NAME, but NOT changing that property. The {Property1} represent the value of the property, while “Property1” is the name of the property. So if you want to change property Property1, just input “Property1” in the input box, or just drop down the list and choose “Property1”.

Your testing on iPhone doesn’t work well because the web browser could not get required resources (images, script files etc.) from Dropbox. We could do nothing on it. Maybe you could contact Dropbox to request this feature.

As for the undo issue, I guess you are talking about the action editor. That’s a limitation of V2.xx and will be improved in V3.0.


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