Hi Xavier:

Can you provide a couple of examples on how to use [Table_xx.cellValues][row][col]?

For examle, I tried to obtain the value of the 3rd row and the 2nd column by using:

[Table_xx.cellValues][3][2]. However, instead of getting that one value, I get the entire comma delimited string. What do I need to do to return just the value in a specific cell?


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Hi Justin,

Your usage is right but there is a bug that make it not working. We will fix the bug in next version. Currently only the “Show Message” action with “do caluation within message” option on can show the correct cell value.


V2.12 has fixed this bug (Bug_0151).


Okay, this kind of solves my problem of taking the hyperlink from table and putting the value in the text edit boxes. However one of the key issues remain for me that it should be possible to group the rows to have hyperlink and checkbox. And when that is allowed to happen I should have a way to increment the row value so that corresponding hyperlink can take those specific values and keep changing the form whenever need be there. I really really hope this is somehow possible. I have had couple of sleep less nights now 🙁

  1. Hi varun, since your question/request is not so relevant to this thread, please don't add comment here. You can open a new thread to discussion your topic if you have not do that yet.

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