I am trying to tweak a screen that already exists, so I took a “print screen” of it. I can’t paste that directly into ForeUI, so I saved it as an image (and gave my support to that ForeUI support topic). When I drag the image from the image dock into my plot, it locks in place because it’s bigger than my plot area. I would like the ability to move the image in order to make whatever portion I desire displayable. The rest of it would just live outside the plot and not get displayed. I don’t want to increase the size of my plot because we have a standard width. I just want to have some flexibility in working with large images.

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well, now that I wrote this up, I noticed that with some sly mouse dragging, you are able to show the left side vs the right side of the image, but it doesn’t work as intuitively as I like. It’d still be nice to just drag the image wherever and the areas outside the plot would be clipped, but if it’s tough to correct I would consider it a low priority. thanks!


Grant, this could be improved.


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