For several clients we need to prototype dashboards with different types of graphs. Is it possible to add in the selection section more standard graphs, like maps, scatterplots and others?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Saskia,

Thanks for the idea. We will consider adding more graph elements in V4.0


Hi vivi,

Thanks. I hope you will. Otherwise we’ll have to change to another tool for our dashboards.

  1. Could you post a screenshot of those dashboards? We would like to see what kind of graphs are in used.
  2. In Excel you have examples like the donut and the scatterplot. Also we often use a map of the netherlands and color the regions based on the data we have.
  3. You could make Screenshots of those Excel graphs and embed them into the plot as images. Since the graph elements in ForeUI are static, you wont loose any functionality.
  4. It is for our BI tool, so the excel graphs are an example. We also have halve pie dashboard clocks. And the geographical maps are also not in excel. Hence using excel is not sufficient.

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