I like to use ForeUI for different jobs: clickdymmis, prototyps, simulation, diagramms, mindmaps.

This idea would help a lot for diagramms and mindmaps. to show relations between different screen(shots)/images i use arrows.

The problem accrues if i move a screenshot/image. i also have to correct the arrow and this not easy cause often to change the “arc”.

1. it would help if the arrow/line would be a curved line with vectors consist of 2 nodes (with angle and the possibility to add more nodes).

2. the nodes should be easy to move and to fixate on elements (corners, outline, center and every free to define position (this point/node should get an ID for us in actions).

3. the arrow/line should optional end (x pixel before/) at the outline or in the element (flexibel point or center)

4. arrow/lines can be combined with a text/grafik element on every node or between two nodes

5. nodes can be fixate on other nodes

6. nodes can be moved and refixted with actions

when you consider to implement this features i would send you some drafts how it could look like.

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Thanks for the interesting idea.

I believe it would be a “good to have” feature. However we will not give it a high priority since making diagram and mindmap are not ForeUI’s main use cases.


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