It would be great if you could add to the cofig of the cart comonents to include a title and key. eg for a bar chart have:

US Sales Figures

#Red;100;New York

#Yellow; 150; Washington

#Blue;50; LA

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Hi Mark, thanks for the suggestion.

Actually we’ve considered this before, however we think it is not easy to manage the way to display the titles since they may be overlapped. In the chart we need to find suitable places to show the titles, that is really a big challenge for AI.

So I think maybe you can place some text label elements as the chart titles, or maybe you can create some legends for the chart.

  1. Ok - will add labels which should do the job perfectly.

    Any chance of allowing negative values in bar charts and line charts instead!
  2. Ok, we will consider adding the negative value support in bar charts and line charts.

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