Browsing through the pages in a plot file or moving them up and down is noticeably slower in 3.0 RC. Are you aware of this?

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Hi Ulrich, do you mean in editing mode or in simulation mode?


In the Editor.

I’m working on a file that I created in version 2.x. Could that be part of the reason?


It should not be a problem.

How big is your plot? How many pages?


7 pages (it’s the one I sent in an e-mail).

ForeUI 3.0 feels a little sluggish.


Could you let us know your system information.

On my PC (Intel Core Duo CPU 2.66GHz, 2G Memory) it works very well and I don’t feel any sluggish.


Windows 7 64 Bit

8 GB Memory

Intel Core i5 2,67 GHz

I run ForeUI with System Look And Feel.


Your PC performance should be much better than mine. It’s weird that ForeUI runs slower on your PC.

Do you know about your display card?


It some sort of Intel onboard graphics card using shared Memory. Nothing fancy, but ok.

Browsing through the pages in Simulation is really quick, but it’s slower in the editor.

Windows 7 64 Bit

Java 1.7.0_05

System look and feel


I don’t what caused it, but the file that was sluggish is just fine now. I have cleaned up the Behaviour, and maybe that fixed it…?


Hi Ulrich, if your behavior is quite complex, especially when your behaviors contains errors and warnings, it may cause some performance issue since ForeUI needs to diagnose the behaviors and upgrade the behavior list.


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