I think there’s a bug here:

1. Place a button on the surface, give it a z value of 1. Set some action to element clicked.

2. Place a date picker on the surface, give it a z value of 2. Place it in such a way that the calender covers the button in its entirety.

3. Run simulation. Click the button: The action will NOT be triggered. Now, click the date picker to drop the calender down (the button should now be covered), and then close the calendar. When you do that, the BUTTON DISAPPEARS AS WELL.

Haven’t tried in with IE yet, but this error can be seen if you run the above using Firefox.

Hey Xavier, I reported several bugs in the last little while. I’m wondering if they all be fixed in the next release, and when the next release will be. I’ll be giving my client a pony show in the next 10 days. Would be great to have these bugs fixed by then. Is that possible?



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Hi Justin,

I just follow your steps and try to reproduce it. I placed the button and calendar like this:

But the button and calendar work well on my side (in FF, IE and Chrome). In step 3, the action will be triggered when button is clicked, and the button is still there after I show and hide the calendar. You can take a look at my test plot:…

Can you send us a plot file that can reproduce the bug? (

We will release V2.12 in next Monday, the new version will includes 10+ bug fixings, including this one reported by you:
Bug_0151: Can not get the specific cell value of table in simulation.

BTW, I searched the forum and found you just reported one bug (above), other threads are for new features or enhancements, or maybe bug but not confirmed. Did I miss something? 🙂


The bug that cause buttons disappear (Bug_0150) has been fixed in V2.12


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