When I load or save a plot, I get a new folder dialog twice and have to cancel it to see file dialog.

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Hi Chris, could you upload a screenshot for that? Thanks a lot.


It’s the same dialog that shows up if you hit the ‘new folder’ button in the Open dialog. Like I mentioned earlier I hit “Load Plot”. The new folder dialog pops up. I hit “Cancel”, it pops up again, I hit “Cancel” and finally the Open dialog displays. This happens every time on load and if I do a “Save As”.


I should also mention that I’m running Ubuntu and not Windows. 🙂


That’s really strange since we have not wrote any code to implement this. I think it is relative to the running environment.

Could you tell me the version of Ubuntu you are using? Please tell me the JRE version as well, thanks.


I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 with JRE 1.6.0_22 (Sun’s version). I downloaded the minimum bundle and run it through the launch script.

I actually just found out that the “EaSynth Look And Feel” doesn’t have the issue. When I use the System Look and Feel on Ubuntu is when I get it. I also tried it on a Windows machine and it works fine regardless of the Look And Feel settings.


Hi Chris, thanks for the informations. It seems the issue is relative to the software environment, I am not sure if we can do something to solve or workaround it, we will check it later.


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